Sean Tait Bircher

Sean Tait Bircher and Robin English-Bircher are the amazing duo who’ve stepped up to carry the banner across the battlefield to face the forces of VENOM. They are also exceptionally talented writers, editors, and creators who our team first got to work directly with as they got involved with the Savage Rifts line for Pinnacle Entertainment. 

They really kicked off their RPG writing careers with the launch of the Wine & Savages Blog, and then the SW-fan-favorite “The King is Dead“. 

The Savage Worlds community knows and loves them for all the great content they keep putting out. Their latest major achievement there is “Dawn of the Daikaiju“, where you actually play giant monsters saving — or crushing — the world.

Freedom Squadron is one of the most important product lines we have at MWP, so we are thrilled and grateful to have these two — fans as well as fantastic creators — at the helm of the FSS Freedom.