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Mobius Worlds Publishing is a tabletop RPG design and publishing house focusing on superhero and action/adventure RPGs.

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Just as a Möbius strip has neither a beginning nor an end, we honor those who came before us, support those who lead us forward, and uplift those who play with us. Travel with us as we discover new worlds to explore. We create through collaboration.

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Latest Releases

Giupeppi's Barber Shop

Giupeppi’s Barber Shop (Cities of Wonder 4)

Giupeppi runs a small, old-fashioned barber shop in a quiet neighborhood. His place seems ordinary, but his clientele is unique: he specializes in cutting the hair of super-powered beings.
Atomic Monsters (Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition)

Atomic Monsters (P&PUE)

Surbrook Press
Atomic Monsters is a concise, easy-to-consume, immediately useful treatise on how to create and use freakish monsters from atomic nightmares in your campaign.
Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition Quickstart

Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition Quickstart

Lakeside Games, Mobius
Welcome to the FREE Quickstart Rules for Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition, the next-generation superhero RPG you’ve been waiting for!
Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition

Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition

Lakeside Games, Mobius
Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition includes everything you need to create unique superheroes and play exciting stories right out of comic books and movies.
Answering the Call: Bigfoot, Wendigo, and the Yeti

Bigfoot, Wendigo, and the Yeti (P&P UE)

Surbrook Press
Looking for Bigfoot? Look no further than Bigfoot, Wendigo, and the Yeti!

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