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Mobius Worlds Publishing is a tabletop RPG design and publishing house focusing on superhero and action/adventure RPGs.

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Just as a Möbius strip has neither a beginning nor an end, we honor those who came before us, support those who lead us forward, and uplift those who play with us. Travel with us as we discover new worlds to explore. We create through collaboration.

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Blood and Justice: Nocturne by Night

Blood & Justice: Nocturne by Night is a book of villains centered on the dark, haunted city of Nocturne, as well as the dystopian world around the city.
Freedom Squadron: Friends/Foes Manual

Freedom Squadron: Friends/Foes Manual

The Freedom Squadron Friends/Foes Manual expands the roster of VENOM Assault characters available as allies and enemies, providing game statistics for the core “regular military” members of Freedom Squadron and VENOM.

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