Freedom Squadron: Friends/Foes Manual

Freedom Squadron: Friends/Foes Manual

Freedom Squadron: Friends/Foes Manual


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Freedom Squadron is a Savage Worlds setting of military action-adventure inspired by the greatest toy, comic, and cartoon franchises of the 1980s.

The Freedom Squadron Friends/Foes Manual expands the roster of VENOM Assault characters available as allies and enemies, providing game statistics for the core “regular military” members of Freedom Squadron and VENOM. Ambush, Bowser & Pitt , Jack Knife, Mayhem, Roughhouse, and more favorites can be found within these pages. Readers will also discover VENOM’s newest allies: the criminal Terrornauts!

The Friends/Foes Manual also contains expanded player options as well as new insights into the history and structure of Freedom Squadron and VENOM!

  • New Frameworks: Academic, Citizen, Ex-VENOM Agent, Monster Hunter, Officer, Procurement Specialist, Soldier of Fortune, and Super-Soldier!
  • New Hero’s Journey Tables: 9 to 5 and Higher Education!
  • New Edges: Anti-Armor Training, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Kung-Fu Grip, Rally, Uncommon Bond, and more!
  • New Vehicles: The Mastodon Main Battle Tank, Rider CAR (Covert Action and Reconnaissance), Thunderstrike Fast Attack Motorcycle, and more!

Requires the Freedom Squadron Field Manual and Savage Worlds (sold separately).