Project: AWESOME [1] — Secret in the Ice!

Project: AWESOME—Secret in the Ice!

Project: AWESOME [1] — Secret in the Ice!


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Project: AWESOME, Savage Worlds, Supplements

The first chapter of the Project: Awesome Plot Point Campaign for Freedom Squadron!

Freedom Squadron is a Savage Worlds setting of military action-adventure inspired by the greatest toy, comic, and cartoon franchises of the 1980s.

Secret in the Ice! leads off the Project: AWESOME Plot Point Campaign with a rip-roaring adventure in the Arctic Circle. Intended by fan-favorite author Ross Watson as a tribute to the classic syndicated cartoon adventures that inspired Freedom Squadron, this is the ultimate example of the military action-adventure genre!

When UN Arctic Station Alpha goes silent, the Mission Team must brave a hazardous polar cyclone to investigate. Not only do they find that VENOM has abducted one of their teammates, but also that VENOM has stolen a mysterious obelisk dating back 65 million years! Now they must rescue both the embedded journalist Snapshot and the ancient relic! AND THAT’S A FREEDOM FACT!

  • Introducing Specter Wolf, leader of VENOM’s vile Arctic Wolf commandos!
  • Introducing the Kraken, VENOM’s submersible aircraft carrier!

Requires the Freedom Squadron Field Manual and Savage Worlds (each sold separately).