Project: AWESOME [3] — Robo-Cons, Arise!

Project: AWESOME—Robo-Cons, Arise!

Project: AWESOME [3] — Robo-Cons, Arise!


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Project: AWESOME, Savage Worlds, Supplements

The third chapter of the Project: Awesome Plot Point Campaign for Freedom Squadron!

Freedom Squadron is a Savage Worlds setting of military action-adventure inspired by the greatest toy, comic, and cartoon franchises of the 1980s.

Robo-Cons, Arise! concludes the first arc of the Project: AWESOME Plot Point Campaign with game-changing new additions to Freedom Squadron!

When the Mission Team attempts to extract a prominent cyberneticist out from under VENOM’s nose, they find themselves in over their heads when the opposition turns out to be a GIANT SHAPECHANGING ROBOT! Now the heroes must pair up with the heroic Robo-Trons to stop the reemergence of the evil Robo-Cons!

Robo-Cons, Arise! contains rules to play a GIANT SHAPECHANGING ROBOT!

  • Introducing the Robo-Tron race!
  • Introducing the Robo-Tron Vehiculator Function Framework!
  • Introducing the War of Ages Hero’s Journey Table!
  • Introducing the heroic Directive Prime, Field Marshal of the Robo-Trons, and the villainous Regmatron, Despot of the Robo-Cons!

Requires the Freedom Squadron Field Manual and Savage Worlds (each sold separately).