Liminal Operations

Liminal Operations

Mobius Worlds Publishing’s professional training and education imprint.

Liminal Operations

A Mobius Worlds Publishing subsidiary

“The first time you practice responding to a crisis, shouldn’t be during an actual crisis.” – Lt Col James “Pigeon” Fielder, Ph.D., USAF (ret.). Chief Operating Officer, Mobius Worlds Publishing

Too many teams fail because they’re reacting to unanticipated events.

Through our Liminal Operations subsidiary, Mobius Worlds Publishing builds proactive teams by forging trust, talent, and experience through crisis response exercises. We have over a century of cumulative experience game mastering crisis scenarios in entertainment, military, academic, and corporate settings, and we know how it feels to work on high-trust teams that are agile, empowered, and creative.

Key Benefits of Working with Liminal Operations:

  • Foresight – Anticipate contingencies so you can respond to them effectively or avoid them outright.
  • Cohesion – Empower decision-making, improve collaboration, encourage prudent risks, and manage ambiguities effectively.
  • Confidence – Have greater assurance that your people will be able to act decisively and think flexibly, whatever the stakes.
  • Agility – Pivot sooner and more effectively so you don’t exhaust resources in the wrong places.

Liminal Operations offers the following services tailored to your specific needs:

  • Organizational crisis and team training exercise publications and printable materials
  • Crisis response exercises and team building events
  • Custom professional scenario design services
  • Organizational wargame design courses
  • Public speaking engagements
  • Neutral facilitation

Working with us is easy:

  • Free Consult – In our first meeting, we dial in on your needs, objectives, timeline, and project scope.
  • Prototype and Proposal – we tap your subject matter experts to prototype an exercise that accurately measures your objectives and follow up with a tailored proposal.
  • Execution – Liminal Operations conducts a customized, on-site or remote exercise with your team, typically for half a day to three days.
  • Debriefing – using candid discussion, we capture best practices, explore lessons learned, and focus on clear action items. You receive an after-action report with practical insights, plus structured follow up to help you get off the runway.

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