Our Team

Mobius Team

Chaz Kemp

Art Director

The vision of our operation, and the creative behind our branding and style

Jennifer Bio Pic

Jennifer Shinefeld


The heart of our operation. A gifted leader and organizer, Jennifer applies the same charisma and influence she uses as a ballet instructor to guide MWP’s growing pool of talent.

The Pigeon in his natural habitat

Pigeon Fielder


The soul of our operation, Pigeon is our COO, and one of our writers.

Cory Williamsen Bio Pic

Cory Williamsen

Project Manager

The brain of our operation, Cory keeps us organized and focused.

Quentin Hudspeth Author Image

Q Hudspeth

Operations, Patreon Cooordinator

The hands of our operation, Q does what he can to help get things done.

Penny's Placeholder Bio Pic

Penny Fielder

Operations Facilitator

The feet of our operation, Penny scrambles behind the scenes to keep us all sane.

Marian Waldman Bio Pic

Marian Waldman


Marian is co-owner of Mobius Worlds Publishing

Robert Dorf Bio Pic

Robert Dorf


Robert is Co-owner of Mobius Worlds Publishing