Project: AWESOME [2] — Glamor and Glitter

Project: AWESOME—Glamor and Glitter

Project: AWESOME [2] — Glamor and Glitter


PDF: $9.95

Supplemental Rulebooks
Freedom Squadron, Project: AWESOME, Savage Worlds, Supplements

The second chapter of the Project: Awesome Plot Point Campaign for Freedom Squadron!

Freedom Squadron is a Savage Worlds setting of military action-adventure inspired by the greatest toy, comic, and cartoon franchises of the 1980s.

Glamor and Glitter continues the Project: AWESOME Plot Point Campaign with a switch to Neo-Cold War espionage and excitement! This adventure introduces stronger sci-fi elements into the world of Freedom Squadron while making homage to the “action band” cartoon and toy genre!

The Mission Team has rescued the mysterious obelisk from VENOM, but even Freedom Squadron’s top scientist cannot understand how to activate the strange device. The mission team must go behind the Neo-Iron Curtain to rescue the truly, truly outrageous Ukrainian DJ and activist ZHEMCHUZHINA from the dire Kommissars. The only way to win her trust, though, is with a battle of the bands against the Terrornauts!

  • Introducing Paracusia, the Terrornaut weapons designer, and Wildcard, the hologram-using Freedom Squadron secret agent!
  • Introducing expanded Arcane Background (Advanced Technology) rules for vehicular-scale powers!

Requires the Freedom Squadron Field Manual and Savage Worlds (each sold separately).