The Hauntedest House in America

The Hauntedest House in America

The Hauntedest House in America


PDF: $4.95


Bill Keyes
Supplemental Rulebooks
Savage Worlds, Supplements, The Remote is Screaming

A Terrifying Adventure for The Remote is Screaming, for use with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

The Trireme Mansion in New Orleans is over 200 years old, and in that time it’s seen a lot of history and passed through many hands. Any number of people have died within its walls, and not all of those who died left. In fact, so many ghosts have haunted this place that it is known as “The Hauntedest House in America.” But things aren’t as smooth as they seem. The family who owns it wants to sell the place, but there’s a hitch.

You see, the Trireme Mansion isn’t haunted any longer.

The Hauntedest House in America contains the following spooky details:

  • 13 unique ghosts said to haunt this Victorian manor
  • The Jerusalem family, caretakers of this house for three generations
  • A detailed map of the Trireme Mansion
  • A full-length adventure for your TV crew to investigate!

The Remote is Screaming was inspired by an idea from the late Lee Garvin. This product is dedicated to his memory.

Edited by Carol Darnell. Layout by Biill “teh ebil bunneh” Keyes.