Bill Keyes

Bill has been gaming for well over 40 years, starting with AD&D and moving on to many other systems. He’s has been running various heroic adventures (alternating between D&D and HERO) ever since. People keep coming back to play, so he must be doing something right. A long-time resident of Colorado, he currently lives in Johnstown with his lovely wife and beloved daughter.

Bill has worked as the layout designer and art director for Hero Games, Silverback Games, High Rock Publishing, Adventure-A-Week, and Make Big Things. The first gaming book he wrote was The Widening Gyre, a world of steampunk and sorcery for Savage Worlds and the Hero System. Most recently, he released Nocturne by Night, a villainous supplement for his setting Blood & Justice, a superhero world of vigilante action for Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition. He’s also written for systems such as Torg: Eternity, Warhammer 40k: Wrath & Glory, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, Apocalypse Prevention Inc., and Katanas & Trenchcoats.

Known as “teh ebil bunneh” (for reasons we are unable to explain), Bill claims to have been elected President in a rigged election, conquered the Midwest, been shot and killed at least once, sworn (and achieved!) vengeance on the gods themselves, crowned himself King of the World, become the arch-enemy of a llama, deposed the Pope, and had torrid love affairs with several well-known movie starlets. It is unlikely that any of these things are actually true, but it’s best to just humor him when he gets like this.