The Grand Melee (Savage Worlds)

The Grand Melee

The Grand Melee (Savage Worlds)

Surbrook Press

PDF: $4.95

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Flashing swords, shining armor, and shattering lances…

…are all part of the greatest sporting event of the Middle Ages: the Tournament.

With The Grand Melee, you have all the information you need to include a medieval tournament in your Savage Worlds campaign. This 20-page supplement details how to set a tournament up; how one should be run; and what rewards to give the victors. Also included are optional rules for conducting jousts. So download a copy today and prepare your self for the pomp and pageantry of a medieval tournament!

This is but one in a series of products Mobius Worlds Publishing is proud to bring you, from the creative and prolific mind and talents of Michael Surbrook. Look for many more useful, well-researched, and highly creative products from him in the future.

(Edited by Clinton J. Boomer and Sean Tait Bircher, with Carinn Seabolt)