The Void

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The Void

Surbrook Press

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Into the Void
Beyond the anti-spinward edges of Earth’s territory in the galaxy lies the Void. A roughly
spherical section of space approximately one hundred parsecs in diameter, the Void is a place
spacers avoid—and with good reason—there are no stars to be found there. The Void is so full
of dust, gas, and debris that it effectively blocks any starlight from passing through, making it a
dark circle in the night sky of many worlds. Within the Void are dozens of shattered solar
systems, each made up of burned and blasted planets slowly orbiting the remains of now-dead
stars. These brown dwarfs are compacted and frozen cinders—all that’s left of once life-giving
suns—with most of their mass having been ejected into space as some unknown event
consumed them.
The Void is a mini-setting for science-fiction gaming, meant to be easily dropped into any RPG
setting dealing with space travel and the dangers thereof. It's system-agnostic, and while
there's a great deal of excellent, well-researched material here, plenty is left readily open to the
Game Master's imagination and capacity for customization.

A Surbrook Press product from award-winning author Michael "The Professor" Surbrook.