Time Heist

Time Heist

Time Heist


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Eddy Webb
Supplemental Rulebooks
Pinnacle City, Prowlers & Paragons, Supplements
Super Heroes

Welcome to Pinnacle City!

World-renowned, award-winning RPG writer/designer Eddy Webb brings you a fast-pased introductory adventure for Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition.

Apes… why did it have to be apes?!

Time Heist is an adventure for 3-5 Standard Level heroes, introducing some key Villains from the Pinnacle City Universe (PCU) while giving new players a solid first-time-out adventure experience for the game mechanics. Time Heist is an adventure in three parts:

  • Part One: A bank heist with a time manipulating speedster named Crime Spree.
  • Part Two: Innocent people and animals in the way at the local zoo as Shard wreaks havoc and tries to get in the way of the Heroes.
  • Part Three: The exciting conclusion as a horde of apes and simians, led by the mysterious “Mister X,” finally reveals the crucial plot to dominate the future from the past.
This product includes a “coloring book” set of images featuring the key villains of the setting for you to color as you will!

Time Heist is written and designed by Eddy Webb, edited by Carinn Seabolt, and laid out by Thomas Shook and Bill KeyesProwlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition is designed by Len Pimentel and Sean Patrick Fannon.