Michael Surbrook

Michael Surbrook got his game developer’s feet wet by creating Kazei 5 for the HERO System back in 1999. Since then he’s written material for BlackWyrm Games (Ghosts Ghouls, and Golems, Kazei 5 2nd Edition), D3 Adventures, Fantasy Flight Games (select Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader products), Hero Games (Asian Bestiary I & II, Fantasy Hero Complete, Ninja Hero 5th Edition), and High Rock Press (Aaron Allston’s Strike Force, Larger Than Life). He wrote the JumpCorp Guide to Interstellar Salvage for Savage Worlds, and contributed some ideas to Savage Worlds Weird War I. Oh, and if you look hard enough, you’ll find some of his drawings in old issues of Autoduel Quarterly and GURPS Humanix. He also has contributed to Extinction Event, Questionable Quests Volume I, the Roan RPG, Rotted Capes, Steel Sky the RPG, and Wrath & Glory.

In 2022 he started Surbrook Press, a Mobius Worlds Publishing imprint, for those smaller and more personal projects.

All of this adds up to 70 published products in both PDF and print. In addition, Michael has won an ENnie (for Creatures Anathema in 2009), has been nominated for an ENnie (Larger Than Life in 2015), and has won two BAMFsies (Larger Than Life in 2015 and Aaron Allston’s Strike Force in 2016).