Freedom Squadron GM Screen

Freedom Squadron GM Screen


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POD: $9.95

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All the Data Charts to Run the Ops!

This is the special GM Screen for Freedom Squadron, featuring charts and tables intrinsicly useful for GMs running this Savage Worlds setting. There’s both core SW and special Freedom Squadron setting rules on this screen.

Note: This product was written for Savage Worlds Deluxe. Please see the Freedom Squadron Field Manual for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition updated rules.

Many publishers offer GM Screen Inserts which are professionally printed cardstock pages designed to slide into the pockets of our deluxe GM Screens. When you purchase the GM Screen Inserts, you have the option to purchase the screen itself with the inserts, and when you do the inserts are free.


Our deluxe, black vinyl screens are:

Thick and durable – It’s the last GM Screen you’ll ever need to buy.

Large – Four panels wide and each panel has clear pockets on both sides to hold a total of 8 inserted pages

Customizable and Reusable – As you change campaigns or game systems, you need only remove and replace the inserts

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