Freedom Squadron Plans & Operations Print-and-Play P&O Deck

Freedom Squadron Plans & Operations Print-and-Play P&O Deck

Freedom Squadron Plans & Operations Print-and-Play P&O Deck


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The Tools to Run the Op!

This is the Print-and-Play version of the Plans & Operations Deck, a key tool for using the Plans & Operations Manual for Freedom Squadron. This deck is also incredibly useful for any campaign where you want to use those highly flexible and narrative rules for running anything from an insertion into a single enemy stronghold to a global investigation into enemy activity.

Savage Worlds was created to handle the kinds of games I often like to play and run, where you can be a badass fighter or wizard or whatever, but you can also be a leader. A planner. I’m proud of how the game accommodates that, and my friend Sean Patrick Fannon has added even more to it in Freedom Squadron. 

I had a blast in the Plans & Operations phase riffing off the other players, figuring out how best to use our individual characters’ skills, and then watching it all come together in the adventures that followed. Sean isn’t afraid of big games and big ideas, and this may be his best yet. I can’t wait to back, buy, and run it myself!” – Shane Hensley, Creator of Savage Worlds

The Freedom Squadron for Savage Worlds’ Plans and Operations Deck has a total of 97 cards/deck. You’ll want the Freedom Squadron Plans & Operations Manual at a minimum, and probably the Freedom Squadron Commando’s Manual for the full experience. All of this is for use with the Savage Worlds game system by Pinnacle Entertainment.

Note: This product was written for Savage Worlds Deluxe. Please see the Freedom Squadron Field Manual for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition updated rules.