Whispering Pines (Cities of Wonder 2)

Whispering Pines by Bill Keyes

Whispering Pines (Cities of Wonder 2)


PDF: $4.95


Bill Keyes
Supplemental Rulebooks
Cities of Wonder, Independent, Supplements

Whispering Pines is a tiny village hidden deep in the north woods, surrounded by a deep pine forest. It has always been a dark, isolated, and unwelcoming place. Now it is a nightmare for those who live here, a nightmare which threatens to spill out from this secluded enclave and engulf the entire world, because it has been taken over by the undead.

Whispering Pines includes the following:

  • A complete and detailed description of this tiny, haunted village and its environs
  • A map of Whispering Pines
  • Ten NPCs — friends, foes, and ordinary people who make Whispering Pines their home
  • Five short plot seeds
  • A full-length adventure

Cities of Wonder is a line of books envisioned by Bill “teh ebil bunneh” Keyes, each describing a city, town, village, neighborhood, fortification, space station, caravanserai, or some other place that people live, play, and work. They’re system-neutral with a focus on people, places, and adventures, so no matter what you play you can use them. You can effortlessly slot them into an existing campaign world, either your own or a published world.

Edited by Gayle Reick.