The M’Larrne (Savage Worlds)

The M'Larrne (Savage Worlds)

The M’Larrne (Savage Worlds)

Surbrook Press

PDF: $3.95

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Savage Worlds, Supplements
Science Fiction

A Space-Faring Race for Savage Worlds

Michael Surbrook Presents “The M’Larrne” a fully-realized and detailed alien race for your science fiction campaigns.

Turning his attention to the far future, “The Professor” adds a science fiction element to Michael Surbrook Presents with The M’Larrne. Containing an in-depth examination of an alien race, this product covers their origins, homeworld, lifestyle, diet, society, and system of government. Also included are:

  • Three NPCs, each with associated plot seeds..
  • An assortment of alien technology, ranging from knives to grav tanks.
  • Several sample starships; everything from a simple shuttle to a gigantic bulk cargo carrier.

Edited by Jennifer “Maven” Shinefeld. Graphic Design and Layout by Bill “teh ebil bunneh” Keyes.