The Livestream

The Livestream

The Livestream


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Bill Keyes
Supplemental Rulebooks
Savage Worlds, Supplements, The Remote is Screaming

A Terrifying Adventure for The Remote is Screaming, for use with Savage Worlds

FreedomEagle-dot-net was a second-tier conspiracy theory website which never really broke into the bigtime. The proprietors of the site, a husband and wife team who called themselves “Doctor Freedom” and “Miss Eagle,” put out regular blog posts and produced a weekly video blog (vlog). Unfortunately, “Doctor Freedom & Miss Eagle’s Hour of Truth” never had more than a few thousand viewers at best. Though they tried very hard to make a name for themselves, they had problems distinguishing their site from the hundreds of other unhinged conspiracy sites across the Internet.

Until one day, Doctor Freedom produced a show which would guarantee his infamy forever…

Rated TV-MA For Mature Audiences Only

The Remote is Screaming was inspired by an idea from the late Lee Garvin. This product is dedicated to his memory.

Edited by Jennifer “Maven” Shinefeld and Lee Garvin. Layout by Biill “teh ebil bunneh” Keyes.