Blood & Justice: Princess’s Pizza Party

Answering the Call: Princess's Pizza Party

Blood & Justice: Princess’s Pizza Party


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Bill Keyes
Supplemental Rulebooks
Blood & Justice, Prowlers & Paragons, Supplements

Princess’s Pizza Party was a whimsical place, full of fun and adventure for kids of all ages. Every kid in Nocturne wanted to hold their birthday party here. It was filled with music, games, laughter, and great pizza. But then Hurricane Kaelyn hit the city and, like so many other places, Princess’s Pizza Party was no more.
But even before the restaurant closed down, there had been strange and disturbing rumors circling around the place. Rumors of people going missing, strange lights and sounds inside when the restaurant was supposed to be closed, odd smells coming from the kitchen, weird people reserving the party rooms, strange occult symbols scratched on the walls in the restrooms, and more. Maybe they were just rumors about a place that was past its prime, and no longer as fresh and fun as it once seemed. But then again, most rumors are at least a little bit true…
Princess’s Pizza Party contains the following:
  • A complete history of Princess’s Pizza Party, once a place of fun and whimsy, now desolate and abandoned.
  • 5 Adventure Seeds that a GM can use to flesh out their own adventures
  • 1 full-length adventure, The Darkness.
  • 6 new supervillains to challenge your Blood & Justice vigilantes and anti-heroes.
  • 2 new minions or foes