Manifestation Destiny

Manifestation Destiny

Manifestation Destiny


PDF: $4.95

Supplemental Rulebooks
Furious West, Magnum Fury, Settings

Whiskey, grits, and demon spittle
Tossed into my iron griddle
With the tannin’ of our hides
Something wicked this way rides.

On December 15th, 1871, dark and terrifying mists rolled down the Mississippi, cutting off the East from the Western United States. Similar mists divided Canada, no one comes back after riding more than a day south of the Rio Grande, and sailing into the west is impossible. All that remains is the western half of the continent, with monsters, undead, and worse roaming the lands.

The Wild West is now your entire world.
What will you do to survive, and to protect those scrabbling for life?

Manifestation Destiny is, among other things, a love letter from Bill Keyes, Len Pimentel, and Mobius Worlds Publishing to Shane Hensley‘s incredible Deadlands RPG setting. It’s also a paean to all things weird and horrific in the Wild West, delivering on the promise of the more fantastic experiences offered in the latter half of Six-Gun Fury.

Manifestation Destiny includes:

  • A brief history of what happened “When Things Changed.”
  • The state of the world — what’s left of it, anyway.
  • Additional character creation options for Six-Gun Fury.
  • A fun-and-easy adventure generator.
  • A full-length adventure: The Bonnie Bell Gang Rides Again.
  • A bestiary, including four powerful and intriguing Villains.

Bill “teh ebil bunneh” Keyes, the mastermind behind the Cities of Wonder line for Mobius Worlds Publishing, brings his love of people, places, and story to fans of Six-Gun Fury. Ride the range, dare the dangerous Mississippi, or stand firm in the streets of the town you’ve chosen to defend against all comers — including that horde of hungry dead shambling your way!

Edited by Jennifer Shinefeld, Design & Layout by Bill Keyes

Six-Gun Fury logo by Karl Kessler.

Six-Gun Fury created by Len Pimentel