Here Be Dragons (Hero)

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Here Be Dragons (Hero)

Surbrook Press

PDF: $9.95

Game Master Resources
HERO, Settings

You've fought basilisks, dragons, manticores, and wyverns.. but have you really?

History buff and accomplished game designer Michael Surbrook welcomes you to rediscover all
the incredible monsters, beasts, and strange beings of the Middle Ages in a way you've never
encountered them before. With deep research and completely re-engineered 5e mechanics
that eschew "standard gaming" for "what they were believed to be like," you can introduce
creatures for your campaign’s player characters to encounter that are almost certainly not what
they were expecting.
From a short history of medieval beasts and monsters (and a look at the geographical world
through European Middle Ages eyes) to a thorough presentation of both magical monsters and
mundane creatures, Here Be Dragons is a monster manual for the history fan in all of us. It's
also a powerful tool for any Game Master looking to make the Old World all-new for players
who think they know everything about the monsters they fight.
A Surbrook Press product from award-winning author Michael "The Professor" Surbrook.