Freedom Squadron VENOM Agent Generator

Freedom Squadron VENOM Agent Generator

Freedom Squadron VENOM Agent Generator


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“So Varanus pulls his car alongside the Mission Team’s getaway vehicle, yoinks his freakin’  Komodo dragon into the driver’s seat, and shouts ‘LARRY! TAKE THE WHEEL!’ at the poor lizard. Then he jumps onto the team’s car, rips the door off, and starts punching.”—Catamount

Freedom Squadron is a Savage Worlds setting of military action-adventure inspired by the greatest toy, comic, and cartoon franchises of the 1980s.

Sure, fighting VENOM’s carded characters is fun, but they’re always going to return to bedevil your heroes again. Wouldn’t it be nice to put some bad guys away permanently?

The VENOM Agent Generator gives Freedom Squadron Game Masters the tools to easily create new VENOM lieutenants and captains. These disposable villains provide excellent challenges while still allowing for permanent victories.

In addition, new Hindrances, Edges, and Gear help round out existing villains and offer additional options for Carnage Corps members who used to work for the bad guys. A sample villain tutorial introduces Varanus, master of Komodo dragons!

Requires the Freedom Squadron Field Manual (sold separately).