Freedom Squadron Digital Extras Bundle

Freedom Squadron Digital Extras Bundle

Freedom Squadron Digital Extras Bundle

SpyGlass Games

PDF: $9.95

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Freedom Squadron, Savage Worlds, Supplements

Freedom Squadron Stretch Goals!

This is the Digital Stretch Goal Bundle that all backers helped unlock. There’s a ton of goodies to enhance your Freedom Squadron gaming experience, including:

  • Three adventures written by Raymond Bruells III, entitled Desecration of HeroesSting of the WASP, and The Island of Professor Mortis.
  • Two adventures written by Ross Watson, entitled A Lovely Little Town and Highest Bidder.
  • Nineteen (19) pre-generated characters, representing each of the Vocation Frameworks included in the Commando’s Manual.
  • Three bonus Vocation Frameworks that will appear in future books (the Occult Operations Manual and the Advanced Tech Manual): the Monster Hunter, the Shaman, and the Combat Engineer.
  • A blank character sheet
  • A set of “sticker” images you can use to create your own custom Bennies.

Note: This product was written for Savage Worlds Deluxe. Please see the Freedom Squadron Field Manual for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition updated rules.