Filthy Lucre

Filthy Lucre

Surbrook Press

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Money Matters


Is the money on a character sheet just a recorded number, or is it an important part of the campaign experience for you and the other players at the table? Michael Surbrook takes a deep dive into money — where it comes from, how it is made, how it is spent, and how it can be faked, to present a wealth of detail on a subject that can affect every fantasy game you might play in.


Learn all you might care to about coins and other forms of currency; the various exotic and interesting names you can bring into play (instead of just saying “a copper piece”); the forms used throughout Europe over the ages; appropriate prices and exchanges for armor, weapons, horses, and everything else; and how you can incorporate moneylending, counterfeiting, and other key ideas into your fantasy campaigning.

A Surbrook Press product from award-winning author Michael “The Professor” Surbrook.