Blood & Justice: Merciless Hospital

Blood & Justice: Merciless Hospital

Blood & Justice: Merciless Hospital


PDF: $3.95


Bill Keyes
Supplemental Rulebooks
Blood & Justice, Prowlers & Paragons, Supplements

MERCILESS HOSPITAL is an introductory adventure set in the world of Blood & Justice. People believe ghosts haunt the old campus of Mercy Hospital, now abandoned and decrepit. Does a supernatural evil lurk within, or is it something more mundane but just as deadly?

Merciless Hospital contains the following:

  • A complete history of Mercy Hospital, once the country’s premier charity hosplital, now abandoned and rumored to be haunted.
  • 5 Plot Seeds that a GM can use to flesh out their own adventures
  • 1 full-length adventure, The Vampire Cult.
  • 3 new supervillains to challenge your Blood & Justice vigilantes and anti-heroes.
  • 3 new minions or foes
  • A new NPC who can be a friend or foil for the heroes