Blood and Justice: Nocturne by Night

Blood and Justice: Nocturne by Night


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Bill Keyes
Supplemental Rulebooks
Blood & Justice, Prowlers & Paragons, Settings, Systems
Super Heroes

Blood & Justice: Nocturne by Night is a book of villains centered on the dark, haunted city of Nocturne, as well as the dystopian world around the city. This book details dozens of villains; some of them are horrifying, some are disgusting, and some might engender sympathy among your players. Several of the villains are appropriate for one-shot adventures, others might have entire story arcs or be the focus of an entire campaign. Most of them are difficult to kill, since if the heroes could simply put a bullet in them to end their threat, they’re not much of a threat in the first place.
The book includes:
  • 68 villains, ranging in power from street level threats to world-ending disasters!
  • 5 new villain teams!
  • 4 new heroes!
  • Tactics & tips for running supervillains in battle!
  • Advice for the GM on running an Iron Age game!
  • What to do when your heroes cross the line and become villains themselves!