21st Century Terrors (P&P UE)

21st Century Terrors (P&P UE)

Surbrook Press

PDF: $3.95

Supplemental Rulebooks
Prowlers & Paragons

Urban Nightmares for Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition


Author Michael Surbrook presents “Twenty-First Century Terrors,” a collection of strange and unusual entities right out of urban myth and legend! Who, exactly? Well, how about: 


  • Jack the Ripper, the terror of 1888 London and the first modern serial killer.
  • The Men in Black, who seem to always show up after UFO sightings.
  • The Black-Eyed Kids, creepy children with all-black eyes who desperately want you to open the door.
  • And more!


In total, there are nine character sheets to choose from, each with their own combat tips and tactics, as well as rumored encounters, historical notes, and a wealth of ideas for Game Masters to pull plot seeds from!


A Surbrook Press product from award-winning author Michael “The Professor” Surbrook.