Cory Williamsen

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Cory Williamsen

Chief Operations Officer

Cory has been gaming since he was 9, starting with the old Choose Your Own Adventures. His first foray into tabletop RPGs came just a few years later with Palladium’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, quickly followed by Heroes Unlimited. Of course, D&D was not too far behind.

Cory’s love and fascination with Live Action Role Playing started just as early. His 6th grade Art teacher, one of the first Magic: The Gathering artists, Dan Frazier, would create latex and paper mâché medieval fantasy projects like helmets and dragon head puppets. Though his real start was with Vampire the Masquerade parlor LARPs in the 90’s.

For the last 20 years Cory has led various initiatives to organize and participate in Organized Play, in both the Tabletop and LARP parts of the hobby. From club standards such as WOTC’s Living Greyhawk, and international clubs such as what is now the Mind’s Eye Society, Cory has organized events to bring players together to enjoy a larger shared experience.

MWP is proud and grateful to have him at the helm of Project Manager.