TEDx Denver: Denver Needs Heroes

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TEDx Denver: Denver Needs Heroes

TEDx Blucifer Winter Playthrough


Step 1 – Assign Roles (Characters)


Each participant will choose a Role from among those provided by either the Greeter or one of the GMS. Ideally, each role should be unique, but as time and players allow there may be multiple of certain roles.


Step 2 – Assign Starting Crises


Each GM will place several starting Crises from their list of Crises. These should be placed throughout their map at different distinct locations to represent the crisis taking place at that location.


Each Crisis will have:

A Name

A Type

A Minimum Resource Allocation

A Target Number to Assign resources

A Target Number to overcome the crisis



Step 3 – Assign Starting Resources


There will be a total of 75 Resources available between the two tables. 25 additional resources can be unlocked during gameplay. All 75 resources will be assigned at the start of the scenario as part of a Free Stage Round (No Rolls to Stage are needed). Each table will have a Table Maximum of Resources equal to the total Resource Trait value of each Role (35).


Step 4 – Playthrough


A Round is when each player at the table has had the opportunity to 1 Action

  1. Players will each take a turn to do one of the following Actions:
    1. Stage a Resource
    2. Resolve a Crisis
  • Communicate with other tables
  1. Recover Resources
  1. Players will decide who goes in what order at the table.
  2. To resolve an action:
    1. The player will use their Roles Skill Trait
    2. The player will roll a number of dice equal to the Skill Trait
  • Each die result that shows 4-6 is a success
  1. Successes must meet or exceed the Target Number to do the Action
  1. TN to Stage a Resource (based on how well the Crisis Map looks and any complications in play), at the base difficulty. Each extra success Stages an extra Resource, up to the Roles Resource Trait.
    1. Difficult – 5
    2. Moderate – 3
    3. Easy – 1
  2. TN to Resolve a Crisis – based on the Crisis Card. Each Resource above the minimum adds an additional Die to the Skill Trait to resolve.
  3. TN to Communicate – Will start Difficult and move to easy as play goes on
    1. Communication to start will be through an Emergency Broadcast System, so only short 1 to 2 sentence messages may be passed
    2. As certain milestone outcomes/consequences are met more modes of communication will open, allowing for greater messaging to occur
  4. TN to Recover a Resource – Easy. Each additional success recovers an additional Resource, up to the Roles Resource Trait, and to the Table Maximum
  1. If the roll fails, the player has Stressed Out the Resource, and it is no longer available to be assigned by any player.


Step 5 – Events


Events are consequences that have impacted the scenario. As play continues, after each player has completed their action, at the end of each Round a number of new Events are played on the maps. If an Event has a Pre-requisite, play the pre-requisite. Do not play the pre-requisite of the new pre-requisite card.


Step 6 – Resolution


The players win the scenario if they have removed all Crisis from all three Maps

The players lose the scenario if they:

  1. Stress Out all Resources
  2. Time Out, are unable to complete the scenario in 1 hour
  3. Have more than double the number of consequences/crises than Resources



Nov 12 2022


Pigeon will be giving his talk between 1pm and 3pm, and then again between 4pm and 5pm. Mobius will be exhibiting between Noon and 1pm and between 3pm and 4pm
12:00 am - 5:00 pm


Buell Theater
Buell Theater
Denver, CO

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