Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition Quickstart

Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition Quickstart

Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition Quickstart

Lakeside Games, Mobius

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The World Needs Heroes – Right Now!

Welcome to the FREE Quickstart Rules for Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Editionthe next-generation superhero RPG you’ve been waiting for!

Roll a handful of six-siders, count the evens (6s count double!), and describe a comic panel or cinematic moment that puts your friends in the scene.

Evolved from 2013’s beloved Prowlers & Paragons game (found on several Top Ten lists of supers games), Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition is Len Pimentel‘s (Hughesville High, TNT, Six-Gun Fury) masterwork, with extensive design support from Sean Patrick Fannon (Freedom Squadron, Savage Rifts, High Tech Enemies, The Mutant File). The two of them love superhero gaming, and you will love what they’ve done with this system.

P&PUE features:

  • Easy, intuitive game mechanics with just enough crunch to be truly fun to play!
  • Player-empowering narrative and shared descriptive experiences reflecting the best of 21st Century game design!
  • Fast and fun, character creation allows any concept you can imagine, any power set you might wish to play with.

“P&P is a smashing amount of superheroic fun that I’ve enjoyed playing. And did I mention fistfuls of dice? If you like a game that’s fast-moving and gives you the feel of your favorite comic-book heroes, P&P delivers. “ – Steve Peterson, co-designer of Champions

These Quickstart rules feature complete rules, ready-to-play, including an adventure and pre-generated heroes so you can see just how great this game is. Our Kickstarter launches March 19th, 2019, so we hope you’ll join us for that!