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Core Rulebooks
Super Heroes

Welcome to Paragons!

The Super Powered RPG Battle Game!

So, what’s a Super Powered RPG Battle Game?

Simple: a streamlined collection of rules for running super powered battles and roleplaying superhero stories.

As a battle game, Paragons! can be used to play out comic book slugfests between heroes and villains that you create. The combat system is a dice game all by itself, one that requires strategy, teamwork, and the ability to outthink your opponent. You can play Paragons! as a battle game, even if roleplaying games aren’t your thing.

But since you’re here, you should know that Paragons! is also a toolbox for roleplaying super powered adventures. We call it a toolbox because it only includes the rules of the game. We’ve left out a lot of the fluff normally found in roleplaying games. We’ve given you the tools, and assume you know how to use them.

However you decide to play Paragons!, we hope you enjoy!

About the Art

Those of you familiar with our other superhero-themed game, Prowlers & Paragons, will recognize the art of famed comic book artist Jerry Gaylord. We decided to use many of the same images in order to keep this game as affordable as possible, and we wanted to make sure you knew that before purchasing the game. Thanks!