Rising Phoenix Game Con

Rising Phoenix Game Con

Join Quentin Hudspeth in Milford, MA for the Rising Phoenix con in April and play three games of adventure and investigative horror. Take out undead and aberrations in a 5e setting with the Paranormal Investigation and Strike Team. Investigate strange goings on in Nocturne with the Prowlers & Paragons UE system. Or discover the mysteries of a haunted mansion in a game of The Remote is Screaming!


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8 am - 12 pm
Chronicles of the P.I.S.T.
The Paranormal Investigation and Strike Team (P.I.S.T) — or the "Pissed", as your teem calls it — is a small group of like-minded adventurers bent on saving the world from alien threats. They seek out (and often destroy) undead entrenchments, fey infestations, elemental hot-spots, and incursions from the Far Realm. Funded by “The Institute”, and lead by visions from their seers, the Pissed travel to hot spots, investigate, and shoot the trouble.


7 pm - 11 pm
Muskrat Love
Nocturne, south Louisiana’s crossroads of a dozen cultures over its nearly four centuries of existence, is a place of violence, magic, blood, and occasionally, justice. But this afternoon, it has a problem. Three mob enforcers have been found dead, and the Nocturne PD are dragging their feet. According a PD contact, this doesn’t feel like a rival gang hit. Will your team of vigilantes heed the call of justice, even for those you call enemy?


1 pm - 5 pm
The Hauntedest House in America
You’re part of a ghost-hunting TV show crew. The Trireme Mansion has seen a lot of history. Many people have died on its grounds, and not all of those who died left. The current owners turned this magnificent old manor house into a supernatural tourist trap. It was even featured on a popular cable TV show a decade ago, your rival “Haunt Hunters”. Now, its star is fading, and the family wants to sell the house; but they need your help to do it.


Apr 21 - 23 2023


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