Alamo City Game Convention

Alamo City Game Convention

Join Team Bircher in San Antonio, TX for a long weekend of tabletop games! Fight for freedom as the monstrous monster hunters called Witchbreed! Join Interpol stop the Thropoids from unleashing the Konga on the world!! And help Freedom Squadron keep the world safe from the forces of Venom!!!


Hourly Schedule


6 pm - 10 pm
Accursed: Days of Yesteryear
The monster hunters are themselves monsters in Accursed, the fan-favorite Savage Worlds horror/adventure setting by Ross Watson. Transformed against their will by the cosmic entities called Witches that enslave the land of Morden, these Witchbreed use their supernatural powers to fight for freedom!


12 pm - 4 pm
Dawn of the Daikaiju: Apes-a-Poppin'
It's 1973 and Interpol finds itself tasked with a new mission: investigating alien infiltration of human society! The ape-like Thropoids have hidden among us, devising new plans to conquer the Earth. Their latest scheme involves releasing the Konga—the giant simians of Skull Island—to wreak havoc on the cities of the world! Thankfully, humanity does not fight alone. Daikaiju of all shapes and species fight to save the Earth!
6 pm - 10 pm
Freedom Squadron: Boot Camp Bayou Blues
For Freedom! The year is 2051. In the wake of WWIII, the heroic international forces of Freedom Squadron battle the masked legions of VENOM to save the world from subjugation! Join the fight as Novice Freedom Squadron recruits just finishing training. When things go unexpectedly wrong during drills in the Louisiana swamps, it’s up to your recruits to save the day!


Mar 31 2023 - Apr 01 2023


All Day