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Quentin Hudspeth

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Quentin Hudspeth — Q, to friend and enemy alike — is a content creator at Mobius Worlds Publishing, as well as a member of the operations team, and the Patreon campaign organizer. 

Q’s writing focus has been on supplements for D&D 5e, mostly because he has been playing and DMing D&D since around 1982, off and on. But he is branching out into other systems, as he works on a new Blood & Justice subsetting, and the Nexus of Worlds multiversal setting. 

Q has experience running and playing in many other systems, including Shadowrun, Chill, Ars Magica, Exalted, Donjon, Scion, Fiasco, and many more; and he has even written his own full standalone RPG, Star Rise. Like most of you, Q also has overburdened shelves full of books for games he has never had the pleasure of playing in but has read just for the pleasure of finding a new system or setting.

Q is a father, a husband, and a maker. He is a physicist and educator by training, but his love has always been creating. In addition to writing games and supplements, Q is a freelance voiceover artist. He also dabbles in woodworking and various home DIY projects. Q’s mind is always whirling with new ideas and “wouldn’t this be cool?” projects.

Q got involved with Mobius Worlds Publishing through a twist of fate and he’s still not really sure how he ended up as one of the family. He is enamored of and fully invested in the culture of diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration that is the backbone of MWP. And he is honored to be asked to create for you on their behalf.

In addition to his work on the Mobius Worlds Publishing page on DriveThruRPG, you can find his earlier work on the Hudspeth Games page.