Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition
Liminal Operations

Mobius Worlds Publishing’s professional training and education imprint. CLICK HERE to find out more!

Mission Statement

To publish heroic and aspirational roleplaying games that embrace diversity and inclusion.


Mobius Worlds Publishing is a publishing firm that specializes in entertainment roleplaying game (RPG) rulesets, settings, supplements, peripherals, and tie-in fiction products. We further provide content for other entertainment publishing houses’ Open Gaming Licenses, as both a primary concern and through subordinate publishing imprints; and corporate, organizational, and academic materials through subordinate publishing imprints.


Mobius Worlds Publishing, LLC targets entertainment RPG players and game masters of all ages. Mobius Worlds Publishing, LLC as a primary concern focuses on superhero and action hero rulesets, settings, supplements, and peripherals, but also writes fantasy, science fiction, horror, pulp, and other entertainment RPG genre materials through the primary Mobius Worlds Publishing entity and through subordinate publishing imprints. Mobius Worlds Publishing, LLC also targets small- to medium-sized startup and growth companies, government agencies, and academic institutions through subordinate professional education and training publishing imprints.

Future of the Company

Although founded as a specialist publisher of superhero and action hero RPG products, Mobius Worlds Publishing, LLC is expanding to include products across the spectrum of RPG genres and the professional education market.