Filthy Lucre

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Filthy Lucre

Surbrook Press

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Money Matters

Is the money on that character sheet just a recorded number, or is it an important part of the narrative experience for you and the other players at the table. Michael Surbrook once again brings his extraordinary gifts of knowledge, historical research, and a love of useful detail to a subject that affects every fantasy game you might play in.

Learn all you might care to about coins and other forms of currency; the various exotic and intersting names you can bring into play, instead of just saying “copper piece;” the forms used throughout Europe over the ages; appropriate prices and exchanges made for armor, weapons, horses, and everything else; and how you can incorporate moneylending, counterfeiting, and other key ideas into your fantasy campaigning.

Edited by Carol Darnell and featuring graphic design and layout by Bill “teh ebil bunneh” KeyesFilthy Lucre is yet another indespensible resource for anyone wishing to add verisimilitude and serious texture to their gaming table.